A Simple Asset and Process Management System

for landlords and property service providers.

Built for maximum collaboration and everyday use. Connect and share information securely with your providers and clients.

Manage your assets, systems, projects, contracts, activities, planned and unplanned works, costs, invoices and payments while connecting to your different stakeholders of the building lifecycle.

So simple, so functional,

so collaborative.


Covering necessary functionalities


Reasonably priced


Enhanced transparency and trust


Easy onboarding


Built for maximum collaboration


Accurate communication

Focus on what’s important.


No more endless calls and e-mails


No more repeated data entry

Save up to 30% on operational costs from correct asset management 

BruceBEM aims to create synergies between stakeholders in the built environment: landlords and facility managers, outsourcing service providers, and tenants. Our focus is on asset-centric process management and automatic synchronization of processes, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. 

BruceBEM has everything you need.




Manage and track your assets, properties, and related services. 


Work with projects, add BOQs to each project, and collect bids from your providers.


Manage all types of contracts related to your Assets, Systems, or Projects, including Smart Contracts 

Planned and On-Demand Works

Manage your preventive maintenance schedules, procedures, resources, and workflows. Additionally, you can manage and track your on-demand works. 


Maintain asset value and track costs: CAPEX, OPEX, and maintenance works. 


Manage all your invoices related to your assets and services.

Other features

Share data with relevant stakeholders

Unified, correct, complete and up-to-date data is exchanged between involved parties, avoiding re-entering data mistakes and minimizing the need for analogue communication.

Structured information and processes

The foundation of collaboration: everyone uses the same structure for information. 

Immutable tracing of works & communications. Timestamping

Full overview of past maintenance works and no more wasted resources on conflict disputes. 

Analytics Dashboard

 Make informed decisions and strategically plan your actions to work more efficiently.  

An intuitive cloud-based web application with powerful underlying technology securely connecting relevant stakeholders.

Do you have too many assets to handle with Excels?

Looking for something simple to handle your workflow and connect with clients and providers?


Maximize your profits from assets & the value proposition for your tenants. 

Start now and save up to 30% on operational costs.

Property Service Providers

Plan your works & optimize resources, gaining predictability and business sustainability. 

Start to grow your business and win long-term contracts

Onboard in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Check our Pricing & Plans and register your Company, Organization, or Institution as a BRUCE Member.

Step 2

Read the scope and Data-Model in BruceBEM.

Step 3

Import your data from Excel or CSVs files.

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